The Uninvited Guest #8: Clockwise 542

Clockwise #542

The Uninvited Guest is my way of participating on the Clockwise podcast.

Previous one can be found here.

And here are my answers to Clockwise

Dan’s question

A HomePod With a Screen, How Would You Used It?

My brother has a nest hub at his place and has his family pictures rotating throughout the day. I would love to have this.

I really hope that Apple makes this a mode that iPads can go into instead of a fixed screen that has only one use, the idea of having out seldom used iPads docked in the kitchen but still be able to take them around the house would be a nicer value for me. Specially given how single use iPadOS is, if this is going to be a unmovable screen then the multiuser support needs to improve.

Rosemary‘s question

Apple’s new Sports App

I don’t follow that many sports so this app wasn’t for me. To be better informed I downloaded it as I wrote this answer and the first screen asks you to choose your favourite leagues and teams, and that’s the extent of my interactions.

Wake me up when it supports Formula 1.

James’s question

VisionPro: How do You Feel About It?

It’s still not available in Canada so I haven’t been able to try it. I’ll probably go to do a demo at an App Store but I don’t think I will buy one even if it blows my mind.

Mathew‘s Question

What are We Using our IPhone Action Button?

See my answer above, we are not an upgrade every year household. I’m not due for an update for a couple of years.

Hearing the answers I would probably set up a shortcut. The rumor of a separate capture button to launch the camera does sound great and I hope it’s true.

Bonus Question

What Kind of Tree Would You Plant?

This year I will be planting multiple trees on our new backyard! The current plan is:

  1. 2x Swedish columnar aspen
  2. 1 Cherry tree (it could also be a Mountain Ash but I like the idea of fresh cherries)
  3. 1 Maple