The Uninvited Guest #7: Clockwise 541

Clockwise #541

The Uninvited Guest is my way of participating on the Clockwise podcast.

Previous one can be found here.

And here are my answers to Clockwise 541.

Dan’s question

How Many Peripheral are Connected to Your Computer?

I have 2 computers on my desk (work and personal) so my computers are not officially connected to a lot of peripherals, only a KVM switch that allows me to quickly switch between the two. The KVM is connected to 2 monitors and one of my monitors has a XLR interface for my microphone and webcam.

So more than quantity of peripherals I had length!

Lex‘s question

What is Your Tech Setup for Watching TV or Movies? and What do You do While Watching?

In the before times, we would sit in our couch and watch on our LC 83" TV. After baby was born we just use our phones.

I tend not to look at my phone while watching but if the show or movie is not capturing my attention I will definitely drift into social media.

Mikah 's question

Which do You Prefer, Voice Dictation or Hand Typing Messages?

I don’t do voice dictation at all. I do use swiping instead very often when one of my hands is full.

Kathy‘s Question

Apple Vision Pro in the Wild? Have You Been or Seen Someone Using It in Public?

No. Canada still doesn’t have it crying emoji

Bonus Question

Do You Have any Valentines Traditions?

Not really, we don’t usually celebrate it. From time to time one of us will do a gesture. Like this year, my newborn baby somehow developed the skills for crafting and gave me a card with photos and a beautiful message.