The Uninvited Guest #6: Clockwise 540

Clockwise #540

The Uninvited Guest is my way of participating on the Clockwise podcast.

Previous one can be found here

And here are my answers to Clockwise 540

Mikah’s question

Favourite Mac/PC App

I’ve been using Obsidian a lot lately. Most of the articles I write for this site start there. Obsidian is super powerful and I’m barely scratching the surface but it’s delightful to use.

Aleen‘s question

Favourite Apps for Taking, Editing, and Sharing Photos on Mobile

I don’t use any alternative camera app, I edit everything in iOS photos, and for sharing it’s a mix of personal social media apps: Telegram and messages.

Dan’s question

Vision Pro Personas: Are They Ever Going to be Acceptable?

People get used to things very quickly, special when there’s no alternative (I’m guessing that’s why Apple didn’t make Memoji available as avatars).

Apple is going to improve them and people will get used to it. These trends will meet in the middle somewhere.

Ant‘s Question

Bluesky: Does It Even Have a Chance?

Not with the current implementation. The new move to decentralized social media is their only hope, if they can move to join the fediverse maybe they can continue on.

They used the private beta model to make it desirable, but Threads launch just took all that attention away.

Bonus Question

Favourite Board Game or Card Game?

We have been enjoying Azul and Calico a lot lately.