The Uninvited Guest #5: Clockwise #539

Clockwise #539

The Uninvited Guest is my way of participating on the Clockwise podcast.

Previous one can be found here And here are my answers to Clockwise

Dan’s question

Apple’s EU Changes: Meaningful Changes or Poison Pill?

When I covered Jon Gruber’s analysis of the DMA

it does show that Apple is going about this in a way that allows them to maintain as much control over their platforms as they think they can

Days after, it seems clear that the way the new terms are worded are designed to discourage the big players from starting these alternative app stores, and the smaller developers won’t see enough value to justify all the work they need to do to take on one of the new options.

Allison‘s question

Portable Monitor Craze: What do You Think of Them?

I haven’t been mobile for years so I wasn’t even aware these were a thing. John’s idea of plugging it into a home server sounds great but I have some spare crappy monitors already so I probably just use those.

Mikah’s question

What Browser are You Using?

I’m a fan of Firefox and I think you should use it as well.

For web development I still like the chromium developer tools though so I tend to use chromium based browsers, Brave until I found myself strongly disagreeing with its CEO’s ideas. I use Edge these days.

John‘s Question

How are You Managing Links These Days?

I use a mix of things: starts in NetNewsWire, tabs and tab groups on the browser, bookmarks in mastodon and a list of links in Obsidian.

A total mess, but it’s my mess.

Bonus Question

If You Were Stuck in a Time Loop: What Would be the First Skill or Task You’d Devote Yourself to Learning?

I’m learning German at the moment, so that!