The Uninvited Guest #4: Clockwise 538

Clockwise #538

The Uninvited Guest is my way of participating on the Clockwise podcast.

Previous one can be found here.

And here are my answers to Clockwise #538

Mikah’s question

Smartphone widgets: do you use them and which ones?

My main screen has two main widgets: a stack of widgets that contains: photos, calendar, world clock, overcast, and music. The other widget is my activity rings.

Screenshot of my Home Screen, shows the described widgets and some of my main apps

Swiping to the left I have my home smart thermostat, battery levels, and weather.

My secondary screens have a home widget that lets me turn on and off lights. And after Simone’s answer I added both Libby and Duolingo to my reading focus screen!

Simone‘s question

Palworld: Pokémon Rip-off or Clever Satire?

I haven’t played the game and I’ve followed the news from very far. I’ve watched the comparisons and there are real similarities with some of the Pokémon designs which is where they could be sued. I don’t think the gameplay is close enough to make it a rip-off.

I’m actually surprised Nintendo hasn’t done so though, they love sending cease and desist to people. Maybe Palworld is not small enough to bully.

Dan’s question

iOS Stolen Device Protection Features: will you enable it?

Yes I have enabled it. I’m still unsure how the device determines which locations are “trusted locations”, the guide they link to doesn’t say either: how the feature works.

Christina‘s Question

Streaming Services: Pay for Ad-Free or Not?

I’m not happy with this trend. The one changing for me recently is Amazon Prime Video, but I’m not watching enough shows at the moment to justify changing the subscription proactively. I’m gonna wait and see, the end result may be that I pay for the ad-free tier or I cancel altogether.

The service that’s tempting me a lot is YouTube, I watch enough that having an ad-free experience may become worth it, if only it wasn’t so expensive though.

Bonus Question

What was Your Favourite Cartoon as an Elementary-Aged Child?

At that age I was hooked on any anime that aired on a channel called Televen.

  • Saint Seiya
  • Dragon Ball
  • Captain Tsubasa (was called Super Champions in Venezuela)
  • Slayers
  • Pokémon
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Slam Dunk