Spiral Galaxies as Seen by the James Webb Space Telescope

NASA’s Webb Depicts Staggering Structure in 19 Nearby Spiral Galaxies

NASA has released new photos of multiple spiral galaxies as “seen” by the James Webb Telescope, on the linked article you can see them all and download them in very high resolution.

The article also shows the same galaxies as seen by the Hubble telescope. Hubble was designed to mostly observe ultraviolet and visible light, the comparison with the JWT’s capacity to observe the infrared spectrum is a marked contrast.

Hubble’s showcase visible light. Dust absorbs ultraviolet and visible light, and then re-emits it in the infrared. In Webb’s images, we see dust glowing in infrared light. In Hubble’s images, dark regions are where starlight is absorbed by dust.

Almost like a negative, each observing the same part of space but seeing different aspects of it.

The contrast is really something when composited: