The Uninvited Guest #2: Clockwise 536

Clockwise #536

The Uninvited Guest is my way of participating on the Clockwise podcast.

Previous one can be found here.

And here are my answers Clockwise #536: Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Mikah’s question

Matter Casting: Where are we watching media?

This question has changed so much in the last months. Before our baby was born we had just bought an 83 inch LG OLED which I had saved money for for more than a year. The pride and joy of our TV watching world and we’d sit together to watch something, some times for way too long.

These days the TV remains off most of the time as we are either sleeping, eating or taking care of baby.

We just use our phones basically. I was able to grab a PlayStation Portal and that’s also brought back to life my gaming a bit when time allows.

As for Matter Casting, it looks like an interesting open standard proposed by the only big tech company without a casting protocol, so of course it will be an open protocol. We’ll see if it is something that becomes commonplace, but without Google and Apple supporting it I find it difficult.

Zac’s question

Bespoke AI Hardware: is there an app from your phone that you’d carry as hardware?

When Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone the big selling point was that “these are not three separate devices, this is one device”, so I struggle to come up with something that would make sense as a separate device. It has to be for something I constantly do and by having a dedicated device it would save me time or be super convenient to have at a moments notice.

With all that said, the closest things that applies at this time of my life is logging things. We log when our baby was fed and changed, and the app is really not that great, having a dedicated “clicker” that with a push of a button would log the necessary information would be phenomenal.

Dan’s question

CES Highlights: have you seen anything that we are genuinely interested in?

I reviewed the 10 pages of CES coverage by The Verge and everything seems so uninteresting. Don’t get me wrong, there are cool demos and products but nothing I’m genuinely interested in.

One thing I’m midldly interested in is the slew of Wifi 7 routers: it’s still a long ways away since it will need device support before it’s useful, but I’m always looking forward to faster wifi.

Oh and as part of CES, Netflix just dropped a new trailer for the Three Body Problem show they are releasing soon:

I’m approaching this adaptation with scepticism, the trailers look too action-y. But go read the books, 100% recommended.

Jason’s Question

Mouse, trackball, trackpad, etc.: what is the best way to point in a screen?

I’m a 100% mouse person. I don’t use a trackpad and I’ve never enjoyed a trackball.

For the longest time I used a Logitech G602, but I always had to replace them faster than I would have wanted when they would start to double click unexpectedly.

Since then I moved to a Zowie EC2 and haven’t had any double clicking issues. knocks on wood

Bonus Question

What was your childhood sick day TV show?

Back in Venezuela, morning TV was all boring stuff for kids, I don’t think I remember anything specific. Now Sundays was the best, a Tv station would do “waking up cheerfully” from 6am showing cartoons all morning until noon.